PHASE I: Innovation Trends in Shipbuilding & Maritime industry

Shipbuilding has been one of the oldest yet one of the most competitive markets in the world. The shipbuilding industry has always made groundbreaking progress by constantly striving for innovation and evolution. Major trends like globalization and containerization have reshaped the industry and continue to present us with challenging changes even today. This dynamic environment creates a very interesting work setting, pushing the abilities of the employees to the limit and setting a high standard for future co-workers.  As per the adage ‘Change is the only thing constant’, we can’t challenge but concur. Here we present to you, some of the newer technologies and practices that can change the world looks at the shipbuilding industry.

Advanced outfitting

In recent years, shipyards have been starting to implement more of this concept. The conventional shipbuilding processes costs a lot of time that can be minimized with the concept of advanced outfitting.

Advanced outfitting concept involves assembling the outfit components like machinery, seating structures and piping etc. into a small unit, that is then fixed at the planned position in the hull block itself. Steel structure & outfit component units are developed at the same time rather than waiting to complete the erection the vessel hull before outfit components can be installed.

Shipyards who practice this innovative concept claim that building cycle time can be substantially reduced and save a tremendous amount of costs, other advantages can be found at

For what is advance outfitting, see

Green ship technology & reducing carbon footprint

This is the biggest area for the innovation trends. From ultra efficient propeller designs, to no-ballast systems and efficient solar cell integration, it is undeniable that shipbuilding industry is constantly breaking through in terms of building the GREENest ship possible.

Going green for ship tech should be implemented in the long run, not just a fashion. The efficiency will prove to be great cost savers and environmental savers. And we are absolutely grateful for those who heavily invest in this area of R&D.
To make the ship to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, there are several ways to realize that. See figure below.


Reducing Energy Consumption and use of alternatives

The shipping industry as one of the most energy consumer, has high emission rates which lead to increase in pollution and on the other aspect loss of money. Several methods are developed to reduce the energy consumption and at the same time for the sustainable solutions. The most common solutions are based on the solar energy, wind power, alternative fuels correspondingly the hybrid technology. In addition, the designs to decrease the resistance of the ship are also important which the air lubrication may be given as an example.

Alternative energy encompasses all those things that do not consume fossil fuel. They are widely available and environment friendly. They cause little or almost no pollution. There have been several alternative energy projects running in various countries to reduce our dependence on traditional fossil fuels. There are many impressive options that you can take into consideration. Here in you will learn more about alternative energy sources that you can take into consideration.Compared with fossil fuel technologies, which are typically mechanized and capital intensive, the renewable energy industry is more labor-intensive. This means that, on average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. Following are some of the innovations using the most commonly available yet not effectively utilized  natural resources which can prove to be the gold in the future.

  • Wind Energy Devices

Wind represents a feasible resource or energy to be used as a primary and auxiliary propulsion source; extensive investigations are being performed in order to predict the power supplied by the wind; to do so, the wind propulsion might be classified in different categories such as: soft-sails, fixed sails, rotors, kites and turbine technologies.

  • Soft Sails

Soft Sails


Conventionally, the soft sails are used in racing yachts, however this technology can be incorporated into the industry as an auxiliary resource of power. There are various configurations which might be used on small vessels; however, the use of soft sails is not often implemented for large ships. Nevertheless, the current market trend is to make use of soft sails in large ships, as an example Seagate has patented soft sails to retrofit Ro-ro, container and car carries.

  1.   Fixed Sails

Fixed Sails

Different geometries of fixed sails have been investigated, in general terms, a fixed sail is a rigid wing fixed to a mast. One important issue to take into account is that energy by sails is not storable; furthermore, innovative designs are being developed in order to reach a maximum optimization when the propulsive power is required.

  1.   Flettner rotors

Flettner rotors

The Flettner rotor is a tall and wide spinning cylinder that when subjected to a wind flow from any direction creates a propulsion force perpendicular to the inflow of the wind. The reason why a spinning body in a moving fluid is creating a force can be explained by the Magnus effect.

  1.   Kite Sails

Kite Sails

A kite sail is a big kite connected via a wire to the bow of the ship. The kite fly much higher than other types of sail devices, and when the wind speed increases the flying height of the kite increases. The flying height is an important aspect to consider when evaluating the performance The wind direction is also important since the kite is only effective for wind heading from amidships and aft of the ship.

  • Solar Energy Devices

Currently, solar panels are used to generate electrical power by several industries,the solar panels convert solar radiation into electricity; when several panels are interconnected, the amount of electrical power increases; however the required surfaces increases with the produces electricity. The output of power is influenced by extensive factors such as the temperature and the orientation angle is an example of the solar panel applications.

Solar Energy Devices

Besides the solar panels, other solar devices are being investigated; to exemplify this, the figure gıven below shows the “Rawlemon”, invented by Andre Broesse. The rawlemon is a spherical solar energy generator which acts as a lens by concentrating the solar radiation into one point where the radiation finds the solar cells. According to the inventor, “the rawlemon technology is about 35% more efficient compared with current solar panels” with the possibility to operate in cloudy conditions.

Solar Energy Devices2

On the other hand the solar sails are another alternative design for green energy solutions. The vertical photovoltaic panels are meant to take on double duty, converting sunlight into electricity and serving as sails. The solar power could benefit on-board electric systems and batteries.  And the wind power? Well, just how much the wind in these sails might push huge, heavy ships along Eco Marine Power doesn’t say. But they could help reduce drag when wind directions are unfavorable. The photovoltaic sails can also be set down flat while they continue to get some rays.

  • Alternative Fuels

The main driver to the new types of fuels are the climate change which is a result of air pollution. The solution is to find clean energy sources or decreasing the fuel consumption. Today’s fuels in use are Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Marine diesel oil (MDO) Marine gas oil (MGO), low Sulphur fuel oils and fınally Liquefied natural gas (LNG) which is still under development.

LNG is popular nowadays since it has the advantage of low emissions of SOx and NOx gasses and less expensive than MGO. However, it requires more spaces for the storage tanks which leads to reduction in cargo capacity. The storage and transportation of this gas are more complicated and has a low flash point.

The potential fuels might be in use in the future are methanol, vegetable oils Biodiesel, Glycerol, Hydrogen and Electrofuels.

  • Air Lubrication

The frictional resistance of the hull can be quite significantly reduced by the introduction of a thin layer of air pumped between hull and water. This provides fuel saving up to 15 percent.

There are two main variants of this idea;

  • Air Cavity System :     The technology was originally applied to custom newbuilds, where a cavity is designed along the length of the hull into which compressed air is pumped. A retrofit version has recently become available.
  • Micro-Bubbles : In this variant, a stream of bubbles (rather than a single air cushion) is injected below the hull. While there has been significant progress around the technology in recent years, challenges remain, in particular how to ensure the air remains under the hull when the ship is rolling or pitching.

If you look at the global trends, the solar power, wind energy and etc., clean energy are more and more coming into use. In car industry, there is a significant trend that the electric cars are increasingly common. Wind is also popular nowadays, solar energy is also popular.

The utilization of wind and solar also exist in the maritime industry. The kite sail, rig sail, solar sail.

For the sustainability and environmental friendly, improved hull paint and air bubbles hull lubrication are applied which can reduce the friction of the water. Special designed ship body which doesn’t need ballast water will reduce the ecological problems towards the local species.


Think about global megatrends such as sustainability, resources efficiency and green technology. How these are linked to the future of shipbuilding and maritime industry?

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels. With the global trend making everyone turn towards low cost yet effective business strategies with innovation as the pivot point,  small changes in the approaches can lead to large gains in the future.

Sustainability priorities

    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Investing more on innovation and R&D
    • Aligning the business strategies to meet societal needs
    • Focusing more on environment friendly approach
  • Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency is about doing more with less – creating more value with less impact.

In business terms, focusing on resource efficiency means process optimization to limit consumption of energy, water and materials and output of waste products. It also means business managers can apply a dollar value per unit of production metric to continually focus on economic savings as well as the environmental benefits that flow from a resource efficient approach to business. Resource efficiency is often a cheap and fast way to solve problems as

reducing waste will reduce the size and cost of any subsequent treatment process and/or disposal costs.

  • Green technology

Like every aspect of modern life, shipping is focusing increasingly on a green image. Innovations are made each day that reduce the environmental footprint of ships. Improvements to the engines, better propeller performance and high-tech coatings, as well as friction-reducing air cushions and even skysails are reducing carbon and sulphur emissions. All of these advancements are only the start, as further specialized methods are pushing the maritime industry towards a green and environmentally friendly era.


What is the change in shipbuilding and maritime industry that you would like to see in the future?

Present your findings in your blog. You may add links, pictures and other visualizations.

The concepts above has many challenges, particularly when it comes to existing regulations. However, it will become more and more feasible along with the development of technologies.

What we would like to see in the future is that the application of the above methods will become cheaper and cheaper so these methods can be widely used in the marine industry. We hope it could be the path to a safe and sustainable future for shipping.

For more information about the ship building in the future, you can see the links below:

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How Jack Sparrow introduced me to my love

I am Simon, a student in one of the most prestigious university in Europe. It was high-time for me to get off the hook from the mundane, tedious tasks to escape on a journey of a lifetime.

I had two options. One would be to go on a all cliched road trip around Scandinavia or to try something bizarre and venture out on an adventure into a completely new place. The Caribbean cruise was something I had heard a lot about. But, least did I know that this trip would change the way of my life forever.

It was not too long after I boarded the cruise that I noticed a damsel dressed in red. She was sitting at the bar counter, just in front of Jack Sparrow,the amazing robotic bartender ! I cruised towards her in seconds without a second thought to occupy the vacant seat next to her to order a glass of mine before I had a competitor. Jack, was quite living up to his name by being awesome at everything he does. He was mixing it up quite nice to serve the tasty cocktails, which was matching perfect with my feelings ( which I hoped to make  “our?!” 😉 ). I lean over to catch her eyes, and to my luck, it did not take too long.

Simon –    ‘‘Real nice cocktail, right?’’

Selin –      ‘‘Definitely! That was the most unbelievable one I have had till now and do you believe me if I say that the bartender just flirted with me!’’

Simon –    ‘‘Hia Hia Hia’’

The small laugh was enough to kindle a conversation for us. Hours passed by in seconds when we were looking at the 3rd glass of drink we just completed  (Romance Caribeno as it was called!  ;)). It was just the right time when I felt that my leg was hurting when she suggested “Should we go out on the deck?! I just love the view!”. Considering the drunk state we were in, I still had my brain working and I suggested “How about we watch it through the Virtual Reality (VR) stations?”. That is when she leaned to me and said “As you say! “. That is when I felt the second spark in my mind, which shouted out to me “She is the one!”.

The mood was just perfect for a walk around the ship.With the moon in the background, the acoustic guitar sounding the romantic tunes and the smell of the sea blowing right onto our faces by the passing winds. The VR stations just brought in the right mix of ingredients for me to make my day perfect. The connect was quite instant and strong between me and her. It is not quite often I say this but ‘YES!’ .

The following days were like a piece of heaven for us with every experience we had.  Sipping glasses of wine, sitting in a hot tub, gazing at the stars and almost full moon, feeling the wind gently blow. Romance is where you make it on a cruise.

Though a world trip seemed like the apple in the eye, all it could do was burn a hole in my pocket. So, I convinced myself that a cruise through the Caribbean was not that bad an option at all compared to a girl for the rest my life, or is it? (We will get to know soon ;))

That was my story, how I met my destiny, Turkish girl, Selin.

Interesting technologies to attract potential customers

The digital services, augmented reality and robotics were chosen as the three most interesting technologies to attract the potential customers. The 6 persons from the last assignment were analyzed regarding how to utilize these technologies as followed:


According to the last assignment, Alper, whom the writers created, likes fishing, wants diving, wants time with family. A one week cruise ship trip for his family could be attractive to him. He gets a score 2 for Tech savviness. So the digital service like the high speed Wi-Fi is not vital for attracting him. A score 5 for Luxury life was given to him, so the luxury experience should be emphasized.

The augmented reality on the cell phone or tablet could be one luxury feeling for him. If he wants to try diving, he could do it in the sea, but devices with augmented reality app could also simulate the scene in the sea, which means the can experience it at anytime. The cocktail made by  robotic bartender could be a very unique experience.


Selin is connected with the technology and digital world with her personal web page that she created to share her new experiences. In that side, the opportunities offered by augmented reality and digital services fits well her expectations from a vacation in the aspect of discovering a new trend and keep connected with the world by updating her personal status and impressions to her blog.

On the other aspect, she is an architecture and the cruise ships are great source of inspiration with the outfitted visual technologies (augmented reality) for her job.


Zhang is from China. He wants a short vacation for relaxing and to celebrate his son’s admission by university. He is also a potential customer for a one week cruise ship trip. He is a start up company director, so his demand for service should not be low. By providing the augmented reality and robotics device could bring him a high quality of service. Augmented reality can show different scenes which gives a special feeling for him.


Simon is a student, so his spending power is not as strong as the well paid man. He is more focus on the cruise trip itself instead of spending much money on the different entertainment. For a young guy who likes to share pictures and videos with friend should have access to a high quality wifi. He is eager to try some new stuff (5 score for eagerness), the device for augmented reality could be a novel experience for him. So the digital services, augmented reality could be two attractive points for him.


Chris is a popular character with an extreme personality and has numerous of fans. The social media takes a significant place in his life to keep himself popular by reaching people all around the world.Therefore, his demand is to be still an active user to show his new passions, lifestyle, the peaks in his life through internet. Thus, the digital services in the ship is important to make him connect with the world and the augmented reality is to make him feel amused.

In addition, the robotics introduce different aspects to this vacation for him since it is not very common to ask a robot bartender to prepare him a margarita.


Col. Sparlund is a disciplined army officer who is quite inquisitive about new technologies . It is also a quite notable fact that he is quite active on Facebook. The augmented reality is something which Col.Sparlund would be very eager to try out. Considering the fact that he is a retired army officer, there is a good probability that he would have had the first hand experience of underwater travel or combat.  He would be eager to revisit his past to co-relate his   experiences.

Also, as noted from his needs, he wants a laid back, relaxed life. This implies that he would love to get his work done through robots as he relaxes.

Technologies that could enhance the cruise experience in the future

Digital services

With the digital technology being the emerging trend in the world, people around the globe are becoming more tech savvy or, if we may say, more technology friendly rather than in real life 😉 . Here are some of the digital services which might catch the eyes of the cruisers :

  1. Better speed WiFi which enables them to connect with the outside world (High speed is still a challenge) – Updating the sea view to Facebook by a 1000 people at the same time doesn’t really give you speed does it?  😉
  2. Touch screen user-friendly device stations around the cruise that helps the cruisers to check for the latest attractions, maps and schedules.
  3. Entertainment stations with TV, game consoles and pre-loaded movies


Internet of Things

 The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data [].

  1. Today, ship’s systems and maritime operations still heavily rely on manual processes and fragmented data systems.
  2. A test done by Microsoft shows that manual processes and fragmented data systems on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships were replaced by a connected system, which can analyze and use big data quantities, contributing to an impressive user experience, such as shorter waiting time in restaurants, during a check-in, and other activities.
  3. There are also dangerous side, if the information flow breaks down for any reason, unfortunately the ability to use only basic instruments and basic skills has detoriated to a dangerous level. This has happened in airline operations.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data [].

  1. Considering that the customers always love the extra attention and the amenities, augmented reality is something which would catch the eyes of them.
  2. Optical projection systems can be implemented in a number of ways which enable the cruizers to view  the sea or underwater from their cabins or at any location through  Tv’s, personalized Virtual reality (VR) headsets (Like Microsoft Hololens, Google glass etc) etc. These can make the cruizing fun and at the same time enhance the customer satisfaction.
  3. An innovative touch can be brought into these amenities by intoducing fun fact based apps with the above said views as the background with comical characters/ favourite celebrities sharing cool facts about the place, maps, weather, attractions etc. , which can be coupled with fun interactive games.
  4.  Though the amenity seems to be an eye catcher, it all comes for a price. The cruise ship owners should make sure that they advertise the amenity well and at the same time have a separate pricing strategy for these attractions (at reasonable prices ofcourse) .The companies can hold a limited stock of these but can always have a renting out plan with fixed timings (& chances) per customer which would make it really fair for the fellow cruizers eager to try it out.untitled


Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

1. The interaction between robotics and people. For example, a robotic bartender has been applied on the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, which has attracted a lot of attention. The robotics on the ship gives the customer a feeling of high technology. See the picture below:Robot bartender

2. Robotics applied in the entertainment system on the cruise ship will enhance the experience for the customers. Create a cruise ship environment that was not only fun, but one that could also compete with the best that entertainment meccas like Las Vegas will definitely attract more potential customers. See 6 robotic screens on the stage:Robotic screen

Proto-personas of the potential customers

After fun and interesting discussion, 6 proto-personas of the most promising Future Caribbean cruise customers were selected. They are, Dr. Alper, Architect Selin, engineer student Simon, Director Zhang, Racer Chris, and retired officer Col. Sparlund.



We have decided 5 spectrum which are important for judging the different aspects of the customers which influences the possibility for joining the cruise ship travelling. They are Education, Tech savviness, Experience with service, Luxury life, and Eagerness. A score 1-5 was marked for each person at 5 spectrum,  see figure below:





PEST analysis on Caribbean cruise business case

For the future trends, the Caribbean area will become increasingly linked due to the CARICOM. Unified economic zone will play a more important role, e.g. a common currency, free capital flows. Job opportunities are brought by the cruise ship tourism. New technologies are continuously being applied to cruise ship. However, threatens are also exists, for example, unfair working conditions, scarcity of a public service. congestion and pollution.

Factor Opportunity Threat
Political Fiscal policy integration
Policy of tax harmonization
Policy of free movement of capital
Minimization of economic distortions.
Stability in exchange and inflation rates.
A common currency.
Encouragements of trade for CARICOM-owned companies.
Loss of fiscal independence.
Reduce economic and social development.
Human resource development.
Economic Change in consumer behavior
Geographic position
Globalization and Trade Liberalization
Economy of a destination
Cruise tourism growth
Being adjacent to the US
Trade growth, commodity and market diversification.
Exploitation of scaled economies
Opportunities for technological developments and productivity.
The potential for increased private sector.
A portion of the decision makers of destinations that
pressure to promote cruise tourism
the increasing trend of self-organized trips.
Increased economic competition
Increased external dept
Reduced real income growth
Reduced employment
Increased poverty and income inequality
Socio-Cultural Cultural landscape
Public service such as transport, communication.
Labor issue.
Work condition
Very diversified, attract tourists from different regions.
Job opportunities
Scarcity of a public service. congestion and pollution,
Do not precise to pay a legal minimum wage. charged by employment agencies with illegal fees,
The racism and other forms of discrimination, rape, harassment at work, are reported globally
Technologi-cal New technology for the ship, e.g. dual- engines,
using liquefied natural gas, air lubrication system
On board entertainment systems
Saving the fuel and Eco-friendly
Saving operational power.
Sacrifice from the superstructure for gas tank
Higher price for building the ship

Useful info about Cruise Ship

Hi, everyone!

To be more familiar with the background information about the cruise ship, we put up some useful links here.

The book  we chose is “Cruise Ship Tourism” from Ross K Dowling. This book is linked to our professional development and our task. The link on amazon is:

There are also some useful and interesting articles and books, like “7 Ocean-Friendly Eco Cruises Hitting the High Seas” “10 Most High-Tech Cruise Ships in the World”. You can see them in the link:




About us

Hi! Welcome to the blog of CDIO Chalmers team!  We three, Inci, Yang, Sushanth, will work together on the topic “What could make a person to take a cruise in 2025, be happy about it, and to become a frequent cruiser?”. We expect a good time for the Innovation camp in Turku!

Here are our self introductions:

Inci Okur

⁠⁠⁠I am currently having my master degree at the program of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in Chalmers University of Technology. I pursued my bachelor studies also in the same program in Istanbul Technical University.  Due to my special interest in yachting industry, I had several internships in yachting companies and finally a working experience in a shipyard building luxury yachts. All these experiences brought me the new interest to Cruise Ships which are larger and complex projects, at the same time more exciting than those I have been involved till now.

Yang Xiao

My name is Yang Xiao, and I am studying Applied Mechanics student at the Chalmers University of Technology. I am working on making things sustainable by using mechanics knowledge. I have been working on Chalmers Formula student, which is aiming for an environmental friendly, high technology racing car. This has given me a good opportunity to tune my engineering ability. Also my interesting lies in the cruise ship, which is very exciting to take when I was on vacation. So I want to know what will happen for the cruise ship in 2025 and expect cruise ship can bring a sustainable and comfortable journey to us. I am excited to join this Innovation camp in Turku!

Sushanth Shandilya Dattakumar

I am a graduate student in department of applied mechanics at Chalmers University of technology, Sweden. Having completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering, I was always excited about research in simulations and design. This eventually led me to take up a research position in one of the leading research institutes in India before moving on to pursue my Master’s studies.

I always believe in maintaining a good balance between my rigorous course load and extracurricular activities that have allowed me to enhance my skills (both specific to my course and ones which compliment them). I am a theater practitioner and a passionate musician. I look forward for challenges each day and believe in actions.